Why use Falcongeo

  • Quantitative Interpretation is often seen as the final part of the E&P interpretative workflow.
  • Falcongeo is an exact objective observational based science – using direct measurements primarily from Seismic & Well data to provide vital tools in de-risking Oil & Gas exploration and identifying potential locations for well placement. 
  • In particular,Falcongeo uses the measurements of the elastic prosperities of rocks (Vp, Vs & Rho to derive Attributes such as Acoustic Impedance, Shear Impedance, Vp/Vs,  Youngs Modulus, Poisson’s ration, and Lambda-Mu-Rho,  to help differentiate lithologies & predict fluids types) which helps significantly in the creation of the final Reservoir model and de-risking final drilling decisions.
  • Its use has become more common practice as oil companies strive to define the reservoir properties of ever more complex and hard to exploit plays.
  • Falcongeo gives oil companies an additional set of tools beyond the traditional structural and stratigraphic definition of a potential reservoir.
  • This technique brings in a set of workflows that attempt to combine and marry-up seismic and well properties at the reservoir level aiming to characterize rock type and fluid composition  away from the well-bore.  Data is assimilated from various sources – both pre and post-stack seismic for AVO (amplitude versus offset), inversion, facies classification, plus well log data for petrophysics – lithologies, minerology, porosity, pressure, water saturation, and gas/oil contacts.
  • By joining up the elastic properties of the rocks to generate detailed 3D models of reservoir properties we can predict and discriminate reservoir fluids – the culmination of this scientific analysis is aimed at turning G&G data into a full subsurface rock properties and understanding of fluid types and reserves in place.
  • Project’s outputs and recommendations can be input into Reservoir Modelling – helping determine optimal targets and drilling locations within the reservoir and de-risking financial decisions and uncertainty surrounding the client’s drilling programme.

Falcongeo Workflow – Simplified Overview:

  • Petrophysics
  • Well Logs Conditioning
  • Seismic Data Conditioning
  • Fluid Prediction/Modelling – Gassmann Fluid Substitution
  • Inversion Feasibility for Lithologies, Fluids – Establish Reservoir Properties
  • 3D Coloured, Acoustic Impendence Elastic Impedance and Simultaneous Inversions
  • Establish Depth Trends for Impedances
  • Provision of Both Deterministic and Stochastic Inversion

FalconGeo has an advanced set of defined workflows, procedures, techniques and expertise to help our clients achieve this aim and bring QI within reach for any field development project. To find out more, please contact us.