Technical Team

Mohamed Farahat
Senior GeoScintist

Mohamed Farahat is an experienced geologist with a demonstrated history of working in the oil and gas industry. Skilled in Exploration geology, Development geology, Earth modeling, & geoscience. Strong technical professional with a Bachelor of geology from faculty of science-Egypt. Mohamed’s experience in oil & gas industry has built through 18 years through working for different major operators and massive international service companies in Kuwai Energy (Egypt), Shlumberger (UK, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, and Sudan), Eshpetco/Lukoil, and Bg/Rashpetco (Egypt).

Specialistis: FDP’s projects, & applied training.

Imene Ferhat
BHI/Geomechanics Specialist

Strongly qualified & experienced in the oil and gas industry in several reservoirs types and fields. main tasks: borehole images processing and interpretation, fractures identification, classification and characterization, core analysis and integration with images data, fractures density and fractures ID, Stress identification and orientation from breakout and induced fractures interpretation, Anisotropy using acoustic logs. Integration to better improve the results by combining Images data with acoustic (XMAC) for a throughout fractures investigation, Flex for minerals identification, NMR for fluid flowness and fluid mobility; Designing the RCI sampling program based on the images techniques and results to avoid any well damage. Currently highly solicited for several geoscience freelance consultancy services (log interpretation, processing and qc), conferences and E-learning activities with reputable companies in Angola, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Algeria, and involved in business development, sales and marketing strategies in the same sector of activity.