seismic Data Conditioning

Falcongeo provides the industry with state of the art time domain seismic processing to support our QI team.  This can be either a full processing sequence from SEGD (or any input format) read to PSTM angle stacks, or just a pre-conditioning of PSTM gathers that you may have already stored on any media.

We work closely with our clients to make sure we provide a high-quality product that meets their requirements.

Below is a typical seismic processing flow:

  • Spectral Whitening
  • Noise attenuation
  • Surface Consistent Scaling
  • Radon De-multiple
  • 5D Interpolation
  • PSTM gathers for Velocity Analysis
  • 1st Pass of PSTM Velocity Analysis
  • 2nd Pass PSTM Velocity Analysis
  • AVO PSTM gathers
  • Stack
  • Final PSTM stack
  • Creation of Angle Stacks
  • Wavelet Analysis Phase Corrections